Limited Edition Bunny Bird Interleukin Tee

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"With an obsession for Butterfly guts, the Bunny Bird spends every hour of every day in search of its next fix. It's typically not until they run across a Butterfly Bat that they realize how dangerous their obsession really is." -Jesse Smith

As part of the Limited Edition Premium Collection, the light blue version of the beloved Butterfly Eater is part of a limited run of only 100 shirts! Once they're gone, they're gone! 

All-over printed unisex tee featuring an original Illustration by Jesse Smith & Dan Hazelton with a relaxed fit and ribbed crew neck. Made from a premium jersey that does not fade after washing. 

  • 100% premium knit pufferfish polyester
  • 4.0 oz fabric available
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry, no bleach

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