Psynda and the Psychobot Feral Fish

"To the North of Ferchett's Island, there lies a rather large body of water called the Creotic Sea. This particular body of water houses some of the most dangerous creatures that Carkayous has to offer. Unfortunately, one of those creatures took the life of a couple of Rabbits whose son had a knack for destruction. Psynda was his name and no one was surprised when they heard that he was building an Army of Feral Fish in order to seek revenge. Out of all the Feral Fish within the Army, Sapper was his favorite. Not only was he a quick learner he also thrived in chaos. That is why it is very rare for you to see either one of them apart from one another." - Jesse Smith
All-over printed unisex tee featuring an original Illustration by Jesse Smith with a relaxed fit and ribbed crew neck. Made from a premium jersey that does not fade after washing.
  • 100% premium knit pufferfish polyester
  • 6.0 oz fabric available
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry, no bleach

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