Jesse Smith "Calm Before the Chaos" Seminar

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Location: Digital/On-Demand
Price: $125
Duration: 2-3 hours
This is a three-part seminar (running roughly 2 hours) that was recorded at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering back in Oct. '21 where Jesse discusses:

1) His Artistic Journey.  (Where he came from, what his inspirations were early on in his career as an artist, and how he's gotten to where he is today) 
2) His Creative Process(How he comes up with ideas, what he thinks about during his process, and how he creates a color study for his tattoos)
3) How he approaches Color(A quick rundown of how the color wheel works, how he uses the color wheel, and how he has narrowed his palette down to just 5 colors plus Black and White, and why)  

Added Bonuses:

An hour-long video of Jesse getting interviewed by Guy Aitchison and another video/version of Jesse's Seminar that he presented at Red Tree Gallery in Columbus, Ohio back in Feb '22.

If you'd like to purchase this seminar, please follow this link!

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