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I am very flattered as well as humbled by the overwhelming interest in my work and I appreciate each & every one of you! Unfortunately the demand has far exceeded what I can physically produce :/ I apologize in advance to any of you that submit a request and don't get in. Because of the limited space in my calendar I have chosen to focus my attention on the projects I am most inspired by. If you'd like to increase your chances of getting in, be persistent and submit a variety of ideas. Sometimes it all just comes down to timing 🙂



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Are you willing to travel to my studio here in Richmond, Virginia in order to get this piece completed? (If you're interested in getting tattooed by me at a convention, please join my mailing list HERE and/or follow me on social media and I will promote any travel via those avenues)

Color or Black/Gray? (I typically give color projects priority, so if you're willing to bend a bit on this particular aspect of your tattoo it will definitely increase your chances of getting in with me)

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If you're getting a Neck to Knee, can you commit to coming in at least once a month until the project is done?

Brief Description: (Although I'm really flattered when people say that I can tattoo whatever I'd like on them, I find that I tend to lean more towards ideas that have a little direction. I'm mostly inspired by conceptually driven work but I also enjoy creating characters for Ferchett's Island. I also really enjoy collaborating with artists from all different styles. That doesn't mean I'm not open to other ideas, this is just typically where my priorities lie)

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