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    Color or Black/Gray? (I typically give color projects priority so if you're willing to bend a bit on this particular aspect of your tattoo it will definitely increase your chances of getting in with me)

    Tattoo Placement? (ie. Arm, Leg, Neck, Face, etc.):

    How big you want to go? (Either in inches or standard tattoo sizes: Neck to Knee Back Piece, Sleeve, Half Sleeve, 3/4 Sleeve, etc) *Larger work typically takes priority over smaller work so if you'd like to increase your chances of getting in then don't hold back on letting me know about any larger work you are interested in getting.):

    Are you willing to get tattooed monthly until this project is complete? (I rely on the momentum of a monthly appointment to keep me focused on a project.) *It's rare that I complete a tattoo in one session so expect to set up at least two appointments for every tattoo)

    Are you willing to travel to my studio here in Richmond, Virginia in order to get this piece completed? (If you are interested in getting tattooed by me, but aren't willing to travel to get it done, please join my mailing list located in the left nav bar and I will contact you the next time I'm out your way for a guest spot or convention)

    What's your monthly budget for this project? (You're welcome to sit for as long as you'd like, however I do have a half day minimum (4 Hours) which runs $800)

    What is your budget for the entire project?

    Brief Description: (Although I'm really flattered when people say that I can tattoo whatever I'd like on them, I find that I tend to lean more towards ideas that have a little direction. I'm mostly inspired by conceptually driven work but I also enjoy creating characters for Ferchett's Island. That doesn't mean I'm not open to other ideas, this is just typically where my priorities lie:)

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