Gwong the Squirrel Catcher

“Gwong first surfaced the shores of Ferchett’s Island in hopes to find an alternate food source. The Skimper fish, which made for a large percentage of his diet, were becoming less and less desirable. He had heard rumors that squirrel meat was much sweeter and made his way towards Squirrel Territory, better known as Durken Forest.”

I tattooed this on one of my longest running clients and a super cool guy, Mr. Circus Bear. Circus Bear had approached me about possibly getting his back tattooed and asked me if I had any ideas. I told him of this “Golden Acorn” idea that had been swimming around in my head for the past couple of months and he really seemed interested. A few months had passed and I hadn’t heard from him so when Dan Hazelton approached me about doing a digital collabo the first idea to pop into my head was the “Golden Acorn” idea. I went ahead and sketched it up and shot it over to Dan to color in. No more then two weeks after we completed the collabo CIrcus Bear contacted me and told me he was ready to get tattooed. I explained to him that Dan and I had already done it, but I would draw him something similar. 102 Hours later, this is what he got 🙂