“Ever since I’ve been exploring Ferchett’s Island East the battle between the rabbits, mice and squirrels has been an ongoing thing. It’s kind of an odd phenomena because the battle always seems to create a harmonious full circle. The rabbits bully the squirrels, the squirrels bully the mice and the mice bully the rabbits. So in the end, the bullies get bullied by the victims of the other battles.

About 6 months back, while following the rebellious rabbits, I witnessed the abandonment of a rather cute runt rabbit. Apparently the rabbits found him to be more of a nuisance then an asset so they left him behind to fend for himself against all the elements. What the rabbits didn’t realize was that the mice had been tracking them for a couple of weeks now and stumbled across the abandoned runt in the process. Rather then kill it like they normally would, they decided to raise it to one day help them in their on going battle with the rabbits. Little did they know how much of an asset he would become…..”